Aging Theory- Gerontology

Activity Theory means remaining occupied and involved on activities that are necessary to a satisfying late life. The meaning of this principle was that human mind comes to exist, develop and can only be understood within the context of meaningful, goal oriented and socially determined interaction between humans and the material environment.

The basic concept of this theory is that all human activities are mediated by culturally created signs or tools. Through external interactions with these signs the internal mental state of the individual is transformed (Aboulafia, Gould, and Spyrou 1995).

Activity Theory is not a theory in the strict interpretation of the term, it is consist of basic principles which constitutes a conceptual system in general that can be used as a foundation of more specific theories.

These principles of Activity Theory includes object-orientedness, dual concept of internalizing and externalizing, meditations and continuous development.

Whereas the object orientedness states that as human beings, we should,live in a reality that is objective in a broad sense and the things that constitutes reality have not only the properties which are considered objective according to national science but socially/culturally defined properties as well.

In this theory the high level motivating concept is activity. It is the general term that describes what the individual or group is trying to accomplish and typically indicates what outcome are they working out. A good case on this is activity like fishing.

A fishing activity has actions that are performed on order to accomplish a specific goals and when that action is performed, the situation is assessed and later on determines if the goal is achieved. Actions also inludes operations and rules that requires the individual to act and think more in relation to the activity and the goal

Activity Theory 2

that they want. It includes figuring out where to fish, loading the fish to the car, baiting your hook, catching,cleaning and driving home with the catch.

The Activity Theory emphasizes on social factors and on interaction between agents and environment and the necessary tools in doing those actions.

Tools shapes the way human being’s interaction with reality. Tools are created and transformed during the activity development and this tools are used as a means of accumulation and transmission of social knowledge. It influences not only the environment but enhances the mental functioning of every individual

What we can further analyze regarding this theory are the activities that will make adult busy and make them get into the process of maintaining an active lifestyle that will benefit them in attaining a satisfying late life. Continuity  of doing this activities makes adult develop their mind and body that will later on satisfy their life.

I is important for older adults to be active in order to attain a satisfying late life because during these stages they need to be expose to activities that will make them feel young and make their minds working so as to forget the illnesses that may occur due to the fact that they are getting old.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and being engage in activities like fishing, mind sports and physical exercises makes an older adult feel young and the continuous mental function provides them more knowledge and more enjoyable time spent with love ones.


Aboulafia, A., Gould, E., & Spyrou, T. (1995). Activity theory vs. cognitive science in the study of human-computer interaction . Proceedings of IRIS

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