Arteriosclerosis in Cardiovascular Disease

Summarizing the data on the effect of arteriosclerosis on the development of cardiovascular diseases is the key goal of the research by Argyropoulou et al. (2018). The authors seek to find out what the likelihood of developing vascular problems in the case of arterial defects is, and what biomarkers need to be assessed (Argyropoulou et al., 2018). The limited number of studies on this topic is the main incentive to conduct relevant research and identify the necessary correlations.

The systematic review method is utilized to assess the current findings in the topic under consideration and determine the degree of knowledge about the effect of arteriosclerosis on the development of cardiovascular diseases. Argyropoulou et al. (2018) evaluate the individual manifestations of clinical problems in patients with different diagnoses and highlight the characteristic features and signs. Findings from academic sources are given as an evidence base.

According to the research results, arteriosclerosis often accompanies cardiovascular diseases and causes accompanying health problems. Argyropoulou et al. (2018) state that large cohorts are crucial to test the necessary biomarkers and identify the perspectives of applying specific treatment modes to patients. An opportunity to measure corresponding test results opens up the possibilities for conducting successful medical interventions addressing the issue of the development of arteriosclerosis in cardiovascular diseases.

The use of biomarkers in the study of the development of arteriosclerosis in cardiovascular diseases is a potentially effective measure to determine the predisposition to the ailment early and implement the necessary preventive procedures. The limited number of studies on this topic explains the importance of the research practice. The evaluation of patients with different diagnoses of a cardiovascular nature makes it possible to obtain and analyze comprehensive data to make appropriate conclusions.


Argyropoulou, O. D., Protogerou, A. D., & Sfikakis, P. P. (2018). Accelerated atheromatosis and arteriosclerosis in primary systemic vasculitides: Current evidence and future perspectives. Current Opinion in Rheumatology, 30(1), 36-43. Web.

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