Autobiography as a Literary Genre: Review

Autobiography is an exciting and unusual literary genre popular worldwide. Writing an autobiography is an excellent opportunity to declare oneself, tell stories, and teach future generations something new. This allows people to transfer their useful experience to other people, which contributes to society’s development. However, in addition to having an interesting life, authors must have writing skills. Only through this will they create a story that will be deposited in the memory of readers. A striking example of such a piece is Becoming by Michelle Obama (2018). In this work, she evokes numerous positive emotions among readers and thus forms her image.

In my autobiography, I would undoubtedly use different literary means. First, I would pay great attention to imagery, for example, describing my life as a road, and myself as a traveler (Schmitt, 2017). That would have allowed me to make the story look like an adventure novel. I would try to trace various patterns of events in my life: for example, the connection of my hard work and achievements in school, work, and personal life. This would allow the reader to understand my ideas better and take a positive example from me. In addition, these patterns need to be formalized into a specific ideology. It is essential to draw readers’ attention to my global life principles and show my attitude towards various phenomena through everyday events.

I would certainly add an element of intertextuality to my autobiography. I love reading, so I can find suitable quotes from famous authors to enhance the effect of some of the events described. I would also work on the narrative structure by creating a specific system for arranging life events. I think it fits perfectly into the concept of “life as a road” described earlier. In other words, I would divide the autobiography into equal time intervals, referring to different periods of the path, so that it would be more convenient and interesting to perceive them. Combining these techniques will allow me to create exciting work that will be interesting and useful to posterity.


Obama, M. (2018). I wanted everything. The Guardian. Web.

Schmitt, A. (2017). The phenomenology of autobiography. Taylor & Francis.

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