Holocaust: Germany Adolf

The Holocaust was a devastating time in history that took many lives and changed a lot of people’s outlooks on life itself. The Holocaust started on January 30, 1933, when Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany, and it ended on May 8, 1945 when the war in Europe ended. During the Holocaust approximately 5,860,000 Jews lost their lives, which include children also. Many Jewish communities suffered significant losses during the Holocaust. Also, it is estimated that the Nazis established approximately 15,000 camps in their occupied territories.

The Holocaust was a time period of death and racism; it involved the power and the powerless. Families, friends, and communities were separated and killed; some Jews made it but many died. This huge epidemic involved the mass murder of children, adults, and even the elderly. Due to the levels of power and strength, the Nazis easily took over and the Holocaust began (Rosenberg). Adolf Hitler, the cruel man whom started the Holocaust, did not always have power. Surprisingly, Adolf Hitler grew up in a poor family, and had a horrible relationship with his father.

Alois Hitler, Adolf’s father, wanted Adolf to become a civil servant for the Austrian Empire as he did, but Adolf wanted to study art and become an artist. However, after Alois died, Adolf pursued his dream with his mother’s support and studied art. Adolf’s goal was to enter the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts, but after applying he had been refused. Vienna Academy of Fine Arts stated that Adolf’s work was of unsatisfactory and did not meet their standards. Vienna, filled with 200,000 Jews alone, describes the race of people who kept Adolf Hitler from pursuing his lifelong dream of becoming an artist.

With this being sated, Hitler soon grew anger towards the race of Jews. In 1914 World I Began and Adolf enlisted in the German Army, after serving four years and making his way back to Munich, Germany Adolf got a job as a political training official. Here Adolf met the general in command of Bavaria, whom was one of the most important figures of the Nazi. Gaining power, Adolf quit his job in the army and devoted his life to the party of the Nazi’s. Becoming dictator, Adolf got to feel the power that he always wanted to feel, aiming towards the race who stole his dream; the Jews were now his target.

Hitler had the Nazi party behind him and eventually had thousands of soldiers to help him invade the many countries that housed many Jews. Adolf Hitler, once poor, finally gained the power he envied, and will later use this power in a very negative way (Tynan). Jews, just like everyone else, lived in a society, had a family, had a job, and lived a life. After Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany, he began to take over many things including the Jewish race. The hostility towards Jews increased in Germany.

This was reflected by many shops and restaurants to not serve the Jewish population. Placards saying “Jews not admitted” and “Jews enter this place at their own risk” began to appear all over Germany. In some parts of the country Jews were banned from public parks, swimming-pools and even public transport. Germans were also encouraged to not use Jewish doctors or lawyers. Taking over and sending many Jews to the concentration camps, Adolf Hitler managed to kill many millions of Jews. The Jews that lives in these concentration camps lived in conditions that were not even suitable for animals.

Almost killing the whole race of Jews, Adolf Hitler was satisfied. Many disturbing events happened; Jews were worked to death, brutally tortured, and burned to death. Adolf Hitler’s anger towards the Jews showed in this horrible time period. Jews, just like everyone else, had an important life to live; however, Adolf Hitler did not see the importance of life in the race of the Jews (Wilson). Children, innocent and trusting, were very vulnerable during the Holocaust. The Nazis advocated on killing the children of the unwanted. The Germans killed more than 1. million children. Many children died of starvation and lack of adequate shelter. German authorities generally selected children along with the elderly, ill, and disabled, for the first deportations to killing centers, or as the first victims led to mass graves to be shot (“Holocaust Museum”). In today’s society children are mostly protected from any harm or danger, but unfortunately the children of the Holocaust were murdered and vulnerable at all times. Think of your childhood, have you ever got lost in a store and separated from your parents?

During that time of separation, children become scared and overwhelmed. Furthermore, during the Holocaust many children were separated from their parents, the innocent children who had no idea of what was happening and who did not do anything to deserve to be brutally treated, had to deal with this stress that even an adult could not completely handle. The lives of these children were taken without that child not even getting the chance to experience what life really was. Selfishly, the Nazis did not want these children to live because f the ethnicity, but what they did not understand is, these helpless children did not chose to be born Jewish; they did not have the power to fight back or to defend themselves. Children were killed in the Holocaust due to the generations of their past family members, they did not have the choice to live or die. Children, whom were victims of the Holocaust, did not choose this for themselves and had their lives stolen from them without knowing it. After the Holocaust ended, many people were devastated. Jews and many other cultures were left without food and shelter.

Many of these people did not have a job and lost their family also. Many Jews never found their family members, and never got reunited with their friends from the past. Unfortunately, when many of the Jews tried to return to Poland, they were murdered by mobs. Furthermore, even when the Holocaust was over, the Jews still suffered a hard life. Looking for new homes approximately 137,000 Jews came to the United States, which admitted almost 400,000 refugees (“Holocaust Museum”). Jews mostly did not return to their homes because of the hatred of Jews that was portrayed in their former community.

Possibly as many as 170,000 Jewish displaced persons and refugees had immigrated to Israel by 1953 (Rosenberg). Adolf Hitler, This cruel man, who killed millions of people, was finally put to justice. Death is never the answer, and I’m sure that his family and former friends were experiencing a huge loss, but during this time period the death of Adolf Hitler was the only answer that would punish him for his horrible crime. Despite what the Jews went through, they never demanded attention or compensation for what they went through.

The Jews tried their hardest to return back to their normal lives, and find family members that they lost during the tragic time of the Holocaust. All in all, they avoided the temptation to hate or to teach their children to hate, which takes a lot of honor to do. Throughout this whole essay, I am trying to let the reader know that the Holocaust was a very devastating time for many cultures. Furthermore, before the Holocaust, the Jews lived a normal life, just like any other human being did. Afterwards, when the Jews were set free, it took them a really long time to return back to normal life, though their lives will never be normal gain. The Jews and their families will always have fear, and never forget the horrible things that they seen and went through. Unquestionably, this period in time showed how evil mankind can be, and what humans will do over anger and madness. The holocaust was a horrible event that killed millions of innocent people and showed the world how inhuman mankind can be. The Holocaust, what is the true depth of this word? As sad as it may seem, it affected the lives of millions because of the hate and jealously inside of one certain group of people, the Nazi’s.

Millions of innocent adults and children had their lives stolen from them over one man’s anger and hatred. Many people of today’s society could not imagine being treated as the Jews were treated. The Jews were treated as wild animals; they were locked away and barely fed or sheltered. Can you find a word to describe this act? Dehumanization, Man and man are supposed to work together to make their community better. Every human is just alike, we all have; hair, two eyes, two arms, two legs, and a brain to think.

Furthermore, we all also have emotions and feelings. Would Adolf Hitler want to be treated how he treated the Jews? No, nobody would like to be treated as if they did not belong or matter. Everyone has a purpose in this world, and everyone is born for a reason. Let the Jews that died and suffered, rest in peace and live their life the best that they possibly can. These people who went through and experienced this unbearable time in history, are the strongest people of mankind. It took a lot of emotional and physical power to overcome that experience.

The Holocaust has been over for many many years, but the wounds still scar the Jews and their families and many other groups of people too. May god let the soles of the Holocaust rest in peace, for you will never be disclaimed. As your stories fade into history, we will never forget the courage that it took to bare the actions that you endured during the Holocaust. This era in time will never be forgotten, and all of whom died and suffered through this horrible tragedy will always be remembered, for we will never forget the courage they held, and the hurt that they endured.

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