Immigration Reformation

Mexico’s immigration policies comprise single, streamlined laws that ensure that foreign visitors and immigrants are regimented. For a better picture, these include stern rules that these immigrants are in the country legally, that they are able to sustain themselves economically, that they do not become burdens to the society, that they are of good character and have no criminal records, and are contributors to the general wellbeing of the nation.

In fact, immigration authorities compile records of each foreign visitor and assure that these visitors do not violate their visa status. They are also banned from meddling with internal politics and those who violate the terms of their entry and who enter under false pretenses are imprisoned or deported (Lillpop). Indeed, the Mexican constitution strictly defines the rights of its citizens and as one may put it, the denial of may fundamental rights to non-citizens, legal or illegal.

Though its law makes perfect sense, Mexico is pushing the United States to water down the latter’s immigration rules, when, in the first place, its own immigration restrictions are the toughest in the continent. However, also looking at Mexico’s points, El Paso asks the US government to stop raids and dividing American families insisting, “We are not the Enemy, We are Part of the Solution” (Garcia & Camargo).

The rally down in El Paso has emphasized the need for new immigration policies that provide means for immigrants residing in the United States to attain permanent residency. Some say Mexican leaders demanding from the United States immigration laws, which contradict its own. Some even say the agenda of Mexico for such demand is clear: to have a one-way immigration relationship with the United States. However, looking at a broader perspective, I believe Mexico only wants to impose stern rules with regards to foreigners to protect its citizens and the well being of its nations.

United States, on the other hand, are trying to impose the same, now with opposition from the Mexicans. Who are directly affected here are those Southerners who live in US soil and vice versa. To avoid stepping on each other’s flags and more importantly to avoid misunderstanding between the neighboring countries, each much provide room for adjustments and meet halfway so as to grant the its citizens, foreign or not, just and humane rights even if they live in a soil foreign to their true nation.

Works Cited Lillpop, John. “Immigration Reform? Lets Try Mexico’s Immigration Law. ” 27 February 2007. Canada Free Press. 19 October 2007. <http://www. canadafreepress. com/2007/lillpop022707. htm>. Garcia, Fernando & Camargo, Betty. “El Paso and Southern New Mexico Communities March and Rally for Just, Humane and Comprehensive Immigration Reform NOW! ”. 6 April 2007. Border Network and Human Rights. 19 October 2007. <http://www. bnhr. org/>.

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