Impact of Low Birth Weight Babies

When a baby is born prematurely, the situation requires special attention and a competent approach. This problem is quite acute, and growing such a child is a difficult task. Therefore, having children with low birth weight has a significant impact on the family and community. First, the family may experience psychological and financial difficulties throughout the child’s life. They often continue to fight for a newborn’s life for years, which requires high costs and psychological stability. Prematurity also contributes to the development of various diseases. These include growth, vision, and hearing issues, as well as anemia, apnea, and central nervous system damage (Jain, 2019). Undoubtedly, developing both at a young and older age, these diseases change a person’s life.

Society also changes with the appearance of premature babies. They often find it hard to build relationships with other people because of their health characteristics. These children are bullied in school and have difficulty building families and careers in adulthood. All this is partly due to the prejudice of others and partly due to insufficient measures for newborns’ rehabilitation. Thus, both in the first weeks of life and afterward, premature people face significant challenges. Undoubtedly, it is necessary to provide them and their parents with assistance.

Fortunately, various organizations help families of newborns; one such organization is called Miracle Babies. This company provides financial assistance to families of newborns. They deal with multiple issues: treatment, transportation, rent, and other necessary costs (Miracle Babies). Such a diversified approach makes life much easier for parents. Therefore, when they get enough help in their daily activities, they can raise their children more successfully. Thanks to this, newborns get chances for a happier life, and society gets more fulfilling members.


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Miracle Babies. (n.d.) 2020, Web.

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