Leadership and Change Management

Among the swift organizational changes having focused leaders and clear lines of communication are key factors that drives success. In order to effectively start change efforts top management should form a communication plan that reinforces the vison of the change along with its long-term benefits.

During the process of organizational change it is important to keep employees informed of the progression; a timeline should be established to provide updates on the changes as it happens georgiades 2015 because change is often unpredictable managers should also maintain a sense of transparency. The leaders should inform their employees of what they know while maintaining that certain aspects of the change are still confidential and to be resolved. Finally it is important for the leaders to track the change as it occurs.

Critique: Engaging employees in the change process according to wiley 2014 employee engagement is the extent to which employees are motivated to contribute to organizational success and willing to apply discretionary effort to accomplishing tasks important to the achievement of organizational goals. Change is constant in most organizations and it is an essential component of growth. Leaders are required to lay out the procedural steps during the change process however the leaders must not ignore the human component of change their employees.

In order to move their team toward the new vision transforming culture encouraging learning and growth and communicating are several tactics that must be implemented. Some strategies to engage employees in the change process are for the leadership to ensure their contribution is valued and there is opportunity for growth and development. When employees buy-in to the organizational vision they will be excited about their work they see a promising future for ones self and build confidence in the organizations future. Employees are engaged when organizations demonstrate a genuine responsibility to support and exhibit efforts to increase overall satisfaction quality and improvement.

Benchmarks: In the change process dembowski 2013 states benchmarking includes measuring products services and processes against those of organizations known to be leaders in one or more aspects of their operations. In the change process benchmarking involves looking outward outside a particular business organization industry region or country to examine how others achieve their performance levels and to understand to processes they use.

In this way benchmarking helps explain the processes behind excellent performance. When the lessons learnt from a benchmarking exercise are applied appropriately they facilitate improved performance. In critical functions within an organization or in key areas of the business environment. There are key benchmarking steps includes: Understanding in detail existing business processes analyze the business processes of others comparing the business performance with that of others being analyzed and the implementation of steps necessary to close the performance gap. Benchmarking includes measuring products services and processes against those of organizations known to be leaders in one or more aspects of their operations.

In addition benchmarking can assist with identifying areas systems or processes for improvements either incremental continuous improvements or dramatic business process reengineering or innovation improvements. It is important to note benchmarking should not be considered a one-time experience. In order for benchmarking to be effective it must be an ongoing integral part of an ongoing improvement process with the goal of keeping abreast of ever-improving best practice. References dembowski f. L. 2013 the roles of benchmarking best practices innovation in organizational effectiveness. International journal of organizational innovation 5 3 6-20.

Georgiades s. 2015 employee engagement and organizational change. In employee engagement in media management 9-37. Springer cham. Wiley j. W. 2014 using employee opinions about organizational performance of enhance employee engagement surveys: Model building and validation.

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