My lifelong Hobby

While it is true that hobbies are activities we engage ourselves in during our extra times for personal pleasure and relaxation (Microsoft Encarta, 2006), hobbies are also quite expensive and time-consuming for scores of people and occasions. However, when we do what we enjoy expense will always be a secondary thing: the love for the pastime consumes us and leads us to explore all the facets of our interest.

I love to draw, experiment with a variety of the painting medium and make people happy by giving them the fruit of my labors. Since grade school years, people in my grade came to know me as one who spends break time or recess as my opportunity to finish with “orders” from classmates who asked for artistic letterings of their names. Just what are the nuances of this hobby and how did I develop my output from the time I was a very young school child?

My hobby is drawing, painting and acquiring a collection of a variety of drawing and painting materials and guides to help me expand my knowledge of creativity and artistry. This paper attempts to briefly elaborate the three types of drawing, which includes doodling, sketching and coloring that I am usually acquainted of and do during my free hours.

II. What is doodling and how does one look like when he/she doodles?

Doodling is “to draw something aimlessly or absent-mindedly, usually while doing something else such as attending a meeting (Microsoft Encarta, 2006) and one of the “funny” parts that I oftentimes do in the presence of other people.

This form of artistic ability is very common. It doesn’t take for one to be artistic in order to doodle; however, no artist probably would ever say they have not spent a time that they did not doodle. Attending a class for example or talking with a friend on the phone are perfect times that I get to doodle.

Whenever a class starts to get boring, I would pull out my scratch of paper and ball pen and start to make circles or squares, and usually end up later with a very messy job at the tip of my pen. Though seemingly an aimless performance to some, this is actually the time when I develop appetite for details and other times mull over how to either imitate an artistic work, or practice those new skills I have adapted.

III. What is sketching and how does it differ with doodling?

Sketching is drawing a “picture done quickly and roughly: a drawing or painting that is done quickly without concern for detail” (Microsoft Encarta, 2006). While doodling is almost like its twin, oftentimes it is not the serious type of this skill. Sketching is more of a prelude of what the work will look like when it is finished. It is like a first layer of the foundational principles of drawing, and a body to the artistic work. It tests your patience also whenever you have difficulty achieving the “look” you want.

IV. What is coloring and why does it matter considerably in an artwork?

Coloring is applying color to a sketch or drawing (Microsoft Encarta, 2006). Even before I start to draw, I already have in mind what medium works best with the type of picture I will sketch. This is most crucial for an artist. Many are great “drawers” but whose work is buried underneath piles of color. This is one area of the artistic expression that also shows texture and life to a drawing.

V. Conclusion

When I doodle, sketch or color, it spells to me luxury. Time is a fleeting resource and doodling, sketching and coloring are skills that make life less boring and predictable. Friendship is built time and again, because of my skills in drawing.

Life is a lot like these three: it cannot be hurried. For an artwork to be certified beautiful, time is of the essence. When we pause to ponder and think about our many options in life, we should also strive not only to stop in the “doodling” or “sketching” phase, but rub on the hues on an otherwise drab portrait. Spread over affections on people who matter most in your life, and experience the beauty that emerges from their beings.


1. Microsoft® Encarta® 2006. © 1993-2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved

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