NCU`s Degree Is a Driver of Positive Changes: Personal Experiences

Northcentral University is known as an educational institution that, for more than twenty years, trains professional workers in many spheres from economic and political to technological ones. In other words, the University contributes to the education of people who can make positive changes in the world around them. I do believe that the enhancement of the society in which we live is a truly worthwhile goal. In pursuit of this objective, I have decided to receive a degree in Public Administration. The reasons for how to use the obtained education for the good of my community are discussed below.

First of all, I would like to notice that the work of a public administrator is closely connected with the political activities implemented by the government. In some cases, it is challenging to implement any legislation without public support. In other cases, legislation, favored by people and beneficial for them, is difficult to embody. The implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act signed in 2010 is an illustration of the latter situation. Therefore, the task of a public administrator is to help to execute legislation that is profitable for the whole society. Their work is crucially important since, through the performance of their duties, they assist every single member of the whole social community no matter their racial and gender belonging, or economic and social status.

Secondly, although a public administrator’s help is aimed at society as a whole, this professional can solve problems that he or she faces regularly. For instance, being an African American gave me the specific perspective necessary for understanding minorities. Consequently, becoming a social and community service manager would help me to make changes that are needed for people who face discrimination. In the 21st century of liberality and tolerance, the people are still subjected to discrimination and income inequality. Cultural bias does not guide my actions, and, therefore, knowledge and experience in public administration could assist me in achieving a goal of improvement of the Black people’s quality of life.

The most crucial point of having a degree in public administration is the capacity to be employed in a wide variety of spheres. People of this profession could work as chief executives, transportation and logistics managers, and directors of regulatory affairs in government institutions and authorities and non-commercial organizations. Indeed, public administration professionals know how to make a better community. They are the leaders who move society towards a brighter future. In Northcentral University, the students study administrative law, the principles of public management and administration. Besides, they hone leadership skills without which success in this sphere is unachievable. Summing these competencies with my desire to make society safer and more equal, I assume that success could be undoubtedly attained.

In conclusion, I would like to emphasize that our world could become a better place for every single person and every local and global society. Nevertheless, it needs the actions of people who verily know how to make positive changes happen. The alumni of the public administration doctoral program are precisely those people who have the necessary skills and knowledge in the field of social and behavioral sciences. I strive to belong to this community in order to improve the life of people in my one.

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