Organ Donation Incentives Overview

Currently, organ donors are not paid based on the National Organ Transplant Act of 1984. However, living donors can deduct up to $10,000 from their adjusted gross income under the Organ Donation Tax Deduction Act (Kreimer, 2018). While the provision of financial incentives for donors and their families seems fair, it is associated with a myriad of ethical issues that may arise. In particular, people from the lower class would consider selling their organs purely for financial benefits. Additionally, potential gains may create incentives for family members to harm the donors to improve their financial well-being. Thus, I think that no cash should be offered to donors or relatives of deceased donors.

However, if a person decides to donate a kidney or a lung, it will be associated with an average of $3,000 in expenses and damages due to sick leaves and child care (Kreimer, 2018). Thus, it is crucial that financial incentives existed to make the donation process at least cost-neutral. The eligibility for deduction may not be enough, as the families should have the ability to cover their immediate expenses. Additionally, the provision of some incentives can decrease the number of deaths associated with the lack of available organs.

Considering the facts mentioned above, I believe that living donors and families of deceased donors should be offered at least some incentives. First, the relatives of deceased donors should be offered help with funerals, as it is a very expensive ceremony. Second, the expenses of living donors associated with the organ donation process should be covered by third parties immediately, including housing expenses, transportation, child care, and grocery provision. Third, living donors should be offered a reduced insurance price, as donations of organs may be associated with a decline in health. Finally, living and deceased donors should be honored in the community and on the national level.


Kreimer, S. (2018). Should organ donors be paid? Leapsmag. Web.

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