Rooms Division Manager

In this assignment, I will discuss the advantage of room division department and how to use it as well as use the SOP, job description, management supervision, clear hierarchy, guest reviews, and improvement methods. Moreover, I will discuss the advantage of hotel cleanliness, good communication and about the customer service and guest cycle. However, in task 3 I will describe the day to day activities of housekeeper and develop the SOP and also responsibilities of Executive Housekeeper, Head Concierge and Night Auditor.

Benefits of room division department and how we can manage this:

Organization needs a supervisor who can supervise to their staff members and give them proper training so that they can give proper services to their customers to make them happy. After that guests will be happy and they will be paid more and they will come again and then the reputation of the organisation will be good.

On the other hand, if any staff member provide bad service to customer then the customer will be nervous and he/she will not be happy and will not be pay more than the reputation will be down and also guests will not come again.


Supervisor give the checklist about lounge area and staff member complete all their work according to their check list. They done all the checklist work very properly.

Room division is the mixture of housekeeping, maintenance and security and in room division department there is a supervisor who have good experience in this field and who can easily communicate with all these departments and carry out the day to day activities.

Room division supervisor should give training to their employees and show them work like how to do it and how to decorate so on. It is compulsory to train their staff members because in any emergency case people can get their help to solve any problem.

Controlling cost

It is also very important to control the cost of labour and it is the responsibility of room division manager who hire the staff for working they should know about how many people they need and so on. They have to make a budget and then they should hire the staff.

Handling customer complaints is important because the quality and style of service is a major factor in providing an enjoyable, relaxing and satisfying experience for the guest. He must be up to date with the events taking place in the market, and in the competition.

Maintenance, decoration, and furnishing

Every hotel has to clean their room every day and maintain it good with proper decoration like if any room is sold out for 3 days then the hotel staff should clean that room everyday so that customers will be happy and they will feel good with relaxation. They have to refurnish the room with good environment and with freshness.
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Advantages of Housekeeping – Hotel cleanness, customer service, good communication.

Customer service – In this department, in some cases, when clients are not happy with the administration of room staff or with the room utilities then servant come to finish those necessities of visitors, for instance, they require additional things like sleeping cushion, washing towels, hand towels, shower gel, lotion and so on. Right now, housekeeping needs to give them fast and great support of their visitors, so they can feel happy with housekeeping client benefit.

They must have good communication skills with the customer that is the main thing to fascinate the customers and make the customers happy. Customer needs to provide proper services to their customers to make them happy so that they can come again in that hotel and if customers have any queries then staff members should solve all the problems.


Staff training is very important in every organization for job performance. By training all the staff members can do their work properly in good way and also if they face any problem then they can solve it by themselves. In the training staff members learn how to clean the rooms and bathrooms and also other areas like lounge and lobby area. Hotels get the hygiene certificate and if their cleaning and environment is good then they will get the certificate otherwise they cannot get the certificate.

Reputation – One of the basic quality which is in this department that is different duties which their staffs need to manage to housekeep includes numerous things from keeping the room clean to washing covers. Staff need to keep up the reputation of their hotel with good customer services and with good complimentary things. If the hotel is special 5-star, 4-star or 3-star they must give professionally and the best administrations to their visitors as they have paid for their luxury and agreeable remain with best amenities.

The housekeeping department in a hotel have different deals with the cleanliness in a hotel and guests feel comfortable in an environment which is clean and well ordered that thing is also attract the customers and makes the reputed in the market.

Good Communication:

Good communication skills is also important in every business because this is the way to talk with the customers and staff should behave very good with their customers to make them happy then staff members will pay more on that business then they can earn handsome money.

Benefits – The tidiness of the rooms and the good manners of the staff will affect how visitors survey you’re in future. We need to provide the best services to their customers to make them happy and also complete their complimentary. If we need to influence benefit in the hotel there is excessively tidiness in the rooms of the in to like the inn has great nature of furniture and furniture must be appropriate flawless and clean.

Utilizing low quality furniture can truly harm your benefits. Staff members done all the rooms and decorate it and clean it after that the supervisor come and check all the cleaning thing that is properly cleaned or not if anything is wrong then supervisor write that thing on the checklist about what wrong then staff members will complete those things again properly.

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