The Actions Indicating Obama as a Global Leader

Leadership entails far much than just attaining the power and sitting in an office. It entails knowing the society and people surrounding the leaders. A good leader needs to be real and ideal so that they can suit the locals and international communities. Similarly, a leader is they that understand the psychological aspects of their audience and addresses what they need and compares it to what should happen in the entire society.

Professionalism and ethical considerations are other ingredients or virtues that a leader cannot afford to live without. Therefore, any leader who depicts these traits or that does not fall short of these characteristics is recognizable not only in the United States, but also globally. Barack Hussein Obama, a legislator and former president of the United States, is one naturally talented leader that hit the global leadership mark. Obama was the most popular and most influential politician in the world.

Barack’s quotes, oratory aspects, and the ability to give a speech with minimal references to a written source were commendable. Besides, his ability to blend with many was touching. Obama had the power to convince a crowd and to arouse the feelings of his audiences. However, no leader without flaws and critics quote Obama as one man that encouraged murder by leading the killing of Osama, the Libyan president, and Sandam among other radicals.

Obama never encouraged violence during elections, campaigns, and by engaging other leaders in violence. He is one leader that could accept defeat and hand over power if he was defeated. This trait is clearly seen from his handing over ceremony to President Trump. Secondly, Obama was a democratic individual and is still democratic.

For example, when he defeated Hillary Clinton in his first nominations as the presidential candidate of the Democrats he accommodated Hillary and even gave her a nomination as the Secretary of States during his reign. Besides, the manner that Obama awarded Joe Biden and addressed him in front of crowds could tell that Obama was down to earth and allowed democracy to prevail.

Birth place of an individual, to most people, dictates and determines the destination or the path that a person will follow. The community assumes that personality relies on the fortunes that the surrounding people open-up for a developing child. Most people that do not survive the hurdles of life blame their background and their parents. However, the life of Obama was a total contrast of these conditions- it had no blames of where he found himself as a young boy.

Obama found himself in a far place from his grandparents and minimally enjoyed the love of his father and mother before they passed on and left him an orphan. It means that Obama, like most of the blacks in the mid-20th Century, grew in poverty but never cried for being in such an environment.

Obama is one inspiring man and a role-model to many as he exploits opportunities despite the circumstances that he faces. Obama grew as a humble man with a lot of focus from childhood, in college, during his practicing period as a lawyer, his dating life, as a president of the United States, and now in his life after governance. These steps in life trigger much arousal in the hearts and souls of many youth who then aspire to transform their lives and break from abject poverty to prominent persons.

Obama grew up a charismatic person and with focus. His college life shows that as a leader he was a friend to many. Besides, Obama was likeable and polite to his girlfriend and the current wife Michelle. Being charming or likeable is a rare trait in the souls of many people that have undertaken education. Often, these people are learned, but not educated. Barack extended his charming nature to his leadership. He led people with a lot of unity and love to leaders that served under his reign.

For example, the act of awarding Joe Biden as the most democratic person under his reign was a recommendable thing. Furthermore, recognizing Biden even to his last speech was a heart of appreciation depicted in the topmost office. Similarly, Obama seemed likeable by many people from Hawaii to Chicago and the entire United States of America. The last speech when he bid the electorate a goodbye he recognized and acknowledged the love from the hearts of Americans. People turned up in large numbers and celebrated Obama- a show that he was a preferred leader to many.

Political leadership requires people who are selfless and those that care for their subjects. The United States of America are not all blessed with wealth and sufficient natural resources to care for the populations inhabiting them. Obama is one of the individuals who were born in the state where most people survived in poverty.

People in the Latino Townships are still facing the jaws of poverty. Poverty and healthcare are inversely related as the poor tend to suffer from many infections that could otherwise get healed if the household is well-endowed. Barrack Obama, in his reign, implemented different strategies to ensure healthcare services are accessible and cheap universally.

The implementation of the Obamacare Act in 2010 is a sure act of care to the residents of the U.S. that are underprivileged. Most political leaders forget their origin, but Obama did not forget the people assuming the conditions that he was once living in and that is why in all his speeches he acknowledged supporters from all backgrounds.

Besides, Obama proved a transformational leader in the United States and beyond. A transformational leader allows the leaders under them or their helpers to point out mistakes and suggest the needed change through inspiring people. Obama was one such leader during his two terms of presidency. For example, he condemned many global leaders who forcefully grasped power without minding about their subjects and the challenges that aristocracy brings in society.

Obama used integrity and remained conscious as a transformational leader- an aspect that made him propel the economy and motivate other leaders to emulate his leadership skills. It is through this transformational power and charisma that made Obama a wave in the entire world and the United States campaign. He truly fulfilled the Luther King prophecy by becoming the most influential black president of the U.S. and winning many people to his camp during campaigns and during his period as president.

Obama was a cross-cultural-global political and envisioned manager. He was able to re-unite America with the rest of the world- and image that Bush tarnished during his reign. Bush set policies that isolated the U.S. from the rest of the world with the claims that safety of America was important. It is during this reign of Bush that most Islamic States felt isolated and unwanted by the superpower- a move that increased terrorism and attacks of the American offices elsewhere in the world.

It is the same thing that the U.S. is experiencing in the current regime with the isolation of Mexico, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, and Somalia among other economies. Conversely, Obama assumed a different strategy of cross-culture.

He assumed and was sure that this strategy could yield fruits for America and for other economies. Obama took to leadership and in the first two years he reconciled the Middle East, China, and Russia and gave them an award for the approaches of peace-keeping. Besides, Obama stoop low and was down to earth for the benefit of the Third-World economies.

For example, he visited the feared Vietnam and ate with people. Obama signed grants for other economies that were previously neglected and prolonged the African Growth Opportunity Act (AGOA) to enhance development of the African countries that exported to America. The United States of America benefited from the bilateral policies set by the president and the business opportunities grew through in-shipping and import-export strategies.

In conclusion, these among other actions by Obama indicate that he was a global leader. The use of his personality traits and the quotes he made during his speeches helps to explore him better. He emerges as charismatic, ambitious, selfless, and sell-confident. Obama is one man that will probably become an advocate of peace and justice even after his retirement from presidency.

He stocks to the truth, loves humanity, supports development, and condemns dictatorship. No leader that lacks flaws and that is why criticism about his approaches to unite the Middle-East and his desires to restore peace by killing the gang-leaders of terror groups were criticized through the approaches that the security department used.

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