The Baggage I Left Behind

People often become attached to the kind of life they are used to living. The memoir shows people how moving forward would mean heartache for others. This memoir was written to remind everyone that the people we meet in our lives contribute to whom we are today.

The life-changing experiences included in this memoir have been grafted from the life of an extraordinary individual, who has given life a second chance. Although location once became a hindrance, the author was able to show the readers that it was never too late to rise up and correct the mistakes in the past.

The memoir follows a journal style, wherein thoughts have been incorporated according to how they were perceived. Chapters were omitted on purpose to give the readers a light feeling when browsing through the text. Real pictures were also incorporated in the memoir to give the readers an idea of how the author lived. This also exhibits a more personal touch from the author to the readers.

The contents of memoir are based from the experiences of the author sometime in her early life. These were included to show the readers that all people are born equal. Each have the right to love, hurt, and accept the things that are happening around us.

 The Baggage I Left Behind

I have always believed that my life was extraordinary. I did things that normal teenagers my age would do and socializing with other people was never a problem for me either. I had friends in school, and in the neighborhood, who contributed to the wonderful memories I had in my youth.

I lived my life the way I wanted to. I was free to do the things that I wanted and I had friends who always came to my aid. Academics were never a problem for me, for I always had the drive to work hard and someday excel in my chosen field. Things were falling into place, until my father broke the news to us.

When I was in junior year, my father told us about his decision to move to the United States. The news was heartbreaking, for this meant that I would not be seeing my father for a long time. I tried to keep my emotions intact, but my father explained to us that it was for the best.

He also said that he may be able to provide more for our needs if he earned more money. Although we were not in favor of this decision, we allowed our father to leave. Soon, he was on his flight to the United States.

The emotional dilemma started when my father was starting to settle in the United States. I was closer to my father than my brother was. I was lonely most of the time because my father has always been a big piece of my life.

We did things together and this was the first time that we were separated. My father called every once in a while, but this was not enough to make me feel that he was safe. After all, he was seven thousand miles away from me.

The time came when my father became preoccupied with work. He started to miss calls, until he never called us at all. We were all worried because my father an illness. We did not know how he was, and what he was doing. My mother and I would have sleepless nights thinking of how my father was, and gave numerous prayers to guarantee his safety.

Finally, we received news from one of his friends saying that my father was alright. He was just busy with work, so that he may be able to earn much money for us. The friend also said that my father wanted us to know that after my high school graduation, the rest of the family was also leaving the NAME OF COUNTRY to join him in the United States.

I was left in awe upon hearing the news. I had mixed emotions that I could not contain inside my body. I did not know what to feel and how to react with this drastic change in our lives. At the same time, I was excited because it has been months since I last saw my father, but I was also gloomy.

I have lived in NAME OF COUNTRY all my life, and moving to a new environment would be difficult from my end. I had to learn to adapt a new culture and reach out and meet new friends. I had mixed emotions towards this new endeavor. The hardest part for me was to accept the fact that my blissful life in NAME OF COUNTRY was about to end.

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